Darkness surged in his veins

Anna W. Whitewood built her fame as a travel vlogger on YouTube. And so, the magical world of Millardia was inspired by her experiances and travels in foreign lands. “Anna, Princess of Millardia” (part one) is a story about self-discovery, journeying deep into the depths of one’s being and realising one’s full potential. Some of the biggest struggles we have to face, and challenges we need to overcome are ones that are sewn into the fabric of our inner lives.

Anna, entangled in increasingly dangerous events, travels through alternate realms of Earth, outer space and the beyond, led by the ancient Oracle’s prophecy.

Somewhere deep in your heart lives a secret of your existence. It is the power of your longing for it that gives you the strength to discover it.

If you are ready, I will show you the invisible world, and you will see all things as they truly are. Let yourself explore your full potential.

Open your heart and find Millardia.

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